Out of State Gaming License  

Contractor’s Board
Medical  Marijuana

Private Investigators

       Licensing Board  (PiLB)
Physical Therapists
Department of Education

Charter Schools

Post Secondary Education
Nevada Transportation Authority

​Mortgage Brokers
Real Estate Professionals

Massage Therapists
CPA / Accounting Professionals

Canadian Passport Photos

US Passport Photos 

UK Passport Photos

Philippine Passport Photos

Austrailian Passport Photos

German Passport Photos

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Jamaican Passport Photos

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and any other countries

Fingerprinting Services

In order to obtain Fingerprinting  services you must present a valid Passport, or 2 government issued I.D's. Expired identification cards will not be accepted. The following are examples of acceptable identification:
* Passport 
         * Driver’s License      * State I.D. Card 
         * Alien Registration/Immigration Green Card 
         * Military I.D. Card     *SS card

         *Birth Certificate



Nursing Professionals

Long Term Health

Hospice Care

Dietitian Licensing
Dental Hygienist

Chiropractic Examiners

Insurance Division

Manufactured Housing

Criminal History
Record Sealing
Bureau of Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Personal Background Checks
Registered Sex Offenders
Social Workers

                  And MORE!